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87 Registered Brahman heifers.  All are one iron, one raising, cosmetically dehorned, calfhood vaccinated, gentle horseback, and will run to the feed wagon.  This is our "first weaning", the heifers born March, 2016 through about June, 2016.

Located in the "Gato" pasture of the Pajarito Ranch, our grass lease near Pandora, Texas.

Photos & videos taken May 19, 2017.

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48 Registered Brahman heifers. This is our "2nd weaning", i. e., heifers born mostly July-November of 2016. All are calfhood vaccinated and cosmetically dehorned. We raised every single one of these and have their registration certificate's in hand. One iron, one raising! Great dispositions, great Hudgins pedigrees! Handle good horseback or afoot, and will get in the truck with you for cubes!

Located on lush improved pastures near Waelder, Texas.

Photos & videos taken July 15, 2017.
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30 of some of our very best cows including 26 head of 2010 model cows and 4 head of 2011 model cows.  The 2011s were added for better bull and pasture efficiency. They are having 119/9 calves and of course, are exposed back to the same bull.  119 is one of the Karu grandsons we raised.  Beautiful cows located in the Godorniz pasture on the Pajarito, our 5200 acre grass lease in Wilson County near Gillett, Texas.

Photos and video taken June 12, 2017.



30 head of young Registered Brahman cows including 26 head of 2010 model cows bred to "226/2" and 4 head of 2012 model cows bred to "238/4". We added these last 4 to get better pasture and bull efficiency.

Located in the Guajolote pasture of the Pajarito Ranch, our 5200 acre grass lease near Pandora, Texas.

Photos & video taken June 10, 2017.



33 Young Registered Brahman cows calving Spring & Summer of 2017. 22 head are 2013 model Registered Brahman cows with their 2nd calves at side sired by "222", one of our good "681" sons we raised. "681" is a Liberty Grandson we acquired from Kallion Farms back in 2008. "222" is an extremely aggressive breeder that bred every single one of these young cows within about a 30-45 day window. For pasture and bull efficiency, we have added 11 of their 2013 older sisters to make the 33 head group.

Located in the "Zopilote" ("vulture") pasture of the Pajarito ("Little Bird") one of our grass leases in Wilson County near Pandora, Texas.

Photos & videos taken May 17, 2017.

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33 Registered Brahman 2014 model heifers having Registered Brahman calves.  23 are having calves by "254/4".  All these are heifers we raised.  "254" is a young bull we raised out of one of our V8 189 granddaughters and one of our best sires, a Karu son we call "606".  These beautiful heifers are located in the "Gato" pasture of the "Kenney", one of our family ranches in Atascosa County.  For pasture & bull efficiency we have added 10 of their mates with "277/4" babies for a total of 33 head.  "277" is "681" son out of a "Hoss" daughter that we really like. 

First 4 photos & 2 videos were taken March 29 through April 19, 2017.

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Video taken 7/16/17
26 registered Brahman heifers born in 2015 exposed to one of our "raised" Registered Brahman herd bulls since June of 2017.  All are cosmetically dehorned, reproductively sound, and dog gentle.  We raised every single one of these beautiful females.

Located on the #3 pasture of the John J. Harkins Ranch north of Blanconia, Texas.

Photos & video taken August 17, 2017.

Another group of 29 head in the West Hammermill pasture of our Quien Sabe Ranch lease. All Registered, cosmetically dehorned Grey Brahman heifers exposed since June 1, 2017 to one of our good Herd bulls we raised, "277/4", sired by "681" out of a "Hoss" daughter. This was probably the oldest group of the 2015's. Extremely gentle. We raised every single one of these.

Photos & video taken August 20, 2017.


Another group of 2015 Registered Brahman heifers exposed to "235/5", a great "874" son we raised. His great-grand sire was the great Hudgins Champion, "Liberty". 25 head all cosmetically dehorned, gentle, and home grown litter mates; every one of them. Great pedigrees.

Located on the Kenney Ranch, Atascosa County, Texas.

Photo taken August 2, 2017.

Video taken July 10, 2017

The following photos were taken November 19, 2017.